VISA Credit Card Rates

Tired of credit cards with skyrocketing rates and fees?​

Our no-annual-fee Visa cards start at 8.99% annual percentage rate. Trust us; that is hard to beat! We also offer a share secured Visa for those with less-than-stellar credit.

Annual percentage rate (APR) for purchasesClassic: 8.99% - Share Secured: 12.0%
APR for cash advances and balance transfersClassic: 8.99% - Share Secured: 12.0%
Other APRsPenalty rates: 12.96%,14.99%*
Grace period for repayment of balances for purchases25 days.
Method for computing the balance for purchasesAverage Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Annual FeesNone
Minimum Finance ChargeNone
Transaction fee for purchasesNone
Transaction fee for cash advances$5.00
Balance transfer fee$5.00
Late-payment fee$5.00
Over-the-credit-limit fee$5.00

* Your rate will go up to 12.96% if your payments are late by 30 days or more twice in 6 months. If this event occurs a second time,your rate will convert to 14.99%. After one year of current payments,you may request to have your rate lowered back to the original rate. It is your responsibility to request this review; it will not be done automatically.

Protect Your Visa Account

With these great rates, everyone will want to get their hands on a CCSEFCU Visa card. To make sure this doesn’t include online fraudsters, register yours with Verified by Visa. This service, available at a growing number of online merchants, lets you register a password of your choosing which must be entered before a purchase can be made with your card.

Visa also offers a free brochure to help you learn how to avoid “phishing” and how to recognize fraudulent emails.

Addendum to Credit/Debit Card Agreement: Member liability for unauthorized use has been amended unless you are found to be fraudulent or negligent in the handling of you account or card. The term grossly negligent is replaced with negligent all other term of the agreement remain in effect.

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