General Information

Cecil County School Employees' Federal Credit Union

Many people are unsure of what sets a credit union apart from another financial institution. Click below for more information on membership and to fill out an application.

About Cecil County School Employees’ Federal Credit Union

In 1953, many Cecil County school teachers were struggling financially. This was especially true for new hires, since they did not receive their first checks until after a month of teaching. Cecil County School Employees’ Federal Credit Union was formed as a way for them to borrow money for rent and other necessities. Their loans were funded through deposits from other members.

Since then, our member base has expanded to include many additional employee groups. But we still hold true to our roots in the education community. Our credit union started with just seven members. It has since grown to a size of over 3600. But we still think of all of our members as family.

What makes credit unions different?

We're a nonprofit organization

After our expenses are met, all of our profits go back into the credit union, resulting in fewer fees, lower loan rates and higher dividends. 

We’re not for profit, but for the benefit of our members.

We're a cooperative

Everyone with a regular share savings account owns a piece of the credit union. As a member/owner, you have say in how the credit union is run, and you can even vote for or volunteer to serve on our board of directors.  We don’t answer to stockholders; in fact, we don’t have any.

Our members share a common bond

Our membership is not open to the general public. When you become a member of our credit union, you are joining a community of your peers. 

The credit union philosophy is people helping people.